How To Create Passive Income With Email Marketinghttp://five280biz.comWhats Good wealthbuilderz its yah boy Devaughnback again with another video and today we are talking about how to create passive incomewith email marketingI love passive income lets get it!! Before I start this video if your in need of a way to build a business online have everything you need for that business at your fingertipsIm talking capture pages, autoresponder, traffic training and leads for any business. Click the link in the descriptionDont worry it wont cost you a thing You get a week to try the system out thats so youllknow exactly what your getting. Ok now back to the subject of creating a passive income with email marketingFirst and foremost you have to have the right toolsYou will need a blog or websiteYou will need a autoresponder, You will need a capture page and you need to set up a email follow up of some sort. Now my suggestion is you find a topic or niche your interested in It could be anything under the sun But for the sake of this video lets go with Coffee. I love coffee so I would like to make money off of it. I would create a website or blog. buil


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